The range of 3M products we supply

Collection of images to demonstrate the range of 3M products supplied by Easyink, including packing tape, Post-It notes and Scotch cleaning pads.

Examples of 3M products supplied by Easyink.

Did you know we supply an awesome range of 3M products?

The 3M company is renowned for inventive products that improve our lives.

Damage-free hanging hooks, Post-It notes, Scotch sticky tapes and industrial tapes…I suspect many people around the world have benefited from 3M’s innovative products!

Although supplying printer ink and toner is still the biggest part of our business, and we love to keep you all printing, we’re also quite excited about some of the other handy products we’re now able to supply thanks to 3M.

Our 3M range is quite varied and large, so I thought perhaps we should tell you about it in some detail.

3M stationery and office products 

First up – stationery. This might be what most people first think of when they see or hear “3M” – Post-It notes and Scotch tape! We have quite a variety including some funky Post-It dispensers to brighten up your desk! We also supply Scotch scissors – from colourful Kids scissors to fancy Precision Ultra-Edge Titanium.

For your workspace, we have 3M privacy screen filters for laptops and monitors, mousepads and gel wrist rests, document holders and monitor/laptop risers/stands – even an adjustable footrest!

We have a number of presentation-related products that are great for an office, such as Post-It Whiteboard surfaces, whiteboard cloth, easel pads and Post-It Easel Wall Hanger.

3M industrial products

Regarding health and safety, we also supply 3M earplugs, surgical tape, respirator and filter.

For your packaging needs, we have Scotch sealing tapes and dispensers, utility knives and refill blades, and document pouches.

We have quite a few industrial 3M and Scotch tapes too: duct tapes including general use and performance, masking tapes, painter’s tape, electrical tape and even cloth and foam tape. If you’re looking for fun masking tape we have Scotch Expressions colourful tapes. In contrast, if you’re looking for Scotch Hazard Warning tape we have that too.

3M adhesives and mounting

When it comes to adhesives and mounting products we have you covered, as you might expect with 3M products. Lots of Command hooks and strips for various applications, Scotch mounting tabs, Scotch super glue, adhesive sprays, adhesive transfer guns and refill strips, craft glue pen, poster tape, and adhesive remover.

For permanent undetectable holding, there are Scotch Fasteners including the Extreme variety. These are heavy-duty reclosable permanent fasteners for indoor and outdoor use.

Need a repositionable shower caddy? Yep, we even have that too!

Most people have probably seen the Command brand of picture-hanging hooks by 3M – we often use these ourselves. They’re fantastic for hanging all sorts of things without putting holes in the wall (they don’t stick to wallpaper though, check instructions before using on your particular surface or Command FAQs). The hooks come in a range of sizes with different weight ratings.

I recently used some rated for 1.3 kg to hang some handprints the kids and I made with salt dough in our hallway. So easy! I’ve found them very easy to remove when no longer required. Perfect for rented houses – it would arguably be in the landlord’s interest to provide damage-free picture hooks for tenants!

3M cleaning products

The part of the 3M range that came as the biggest surprise to me was all the cleaning products! From Scotch-Brite cleaning cloths, scrub sponges, scouring pads, wipes to lint rollers, dish wands, cans of cleaner and polisher, to Scotchgard Fabric Water Shield…we’ve probably got something useful here!

On the topic of cleaning, we do also have some more obviously printing-related Fellowes cleaning products. These are geared more towards the workstation than the office kitchen – air duster for cleaning hard to reach areas like keyboards and printers, screen cleaning wipes and surface cleaning wipes for workstations.

Check out 3M

So there you go! If you have a minute to check them out, the 3M company has an interesting history and make some pretty neat things. They develop interesting and innovative technology while valuing sustainability.

They’ve even been helping the world respond to Covid-19 in several ways.

We’re happy to offer our customers what we think are great products from a great company such as 3M!

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