Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

2020 is coming to an end! What a year.

With the summer holiday period almost here, we thought we’d take a few minutes to wish everyone a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year. And give a quick update on some changes we’ve made this year along with some more we’re working on.

We’ve had a team member you may be unfamiliar with working behind the scenes for a while – Anna – that’s me! I’ve been known to answer the phone on occasion when the rest of the team are busy, and it’s time to properly introduce myself now that I’m beginning to write some blog posts.

During the last year or so I’ve been adding some products to the site that aren’t our usual printer ink and toner. I’m looking forward to telling you about them on our blog over the coming year.

We’ve been working on adding more office products – we now have quite a range of stationery, including more Pilot pens and a variety of 3M products (including cleaning!), ergonomic office furniture and machines such as laminators and shredders from Fellowes.

In 2021 we’ll add more articles to our blog, discussing some of our newer products and their possible uses. While supplying ink and toner cartridges to keep your printing going is still the larger part of our business, we think some of our other products are worth telling you about in some detail. I’ve been having fun testing out some Pilot pens with my sewing projects, for example, and plan to write about it here soon.




We’ve been working on redesigning the website menu to make it easier to navigate, so there’ll be some changes to look for in the coming year. With our increasing product range starting to outgrow our existing brand-based menu, it’s time to adapt our menu to suit – we want to keep our site as user-friendly as possible!

As has been the case in much of the world this year, supply chain issues have impacted the availability and shipping times of our products. We want to thank all our customers for their patience.

Couriers get really busy at this time of year. Please get anything you need for the December-January period ordered as soon as possible, so we can get it to you before the Christmas holidays.

Thank you from all of the Easyink team for supporting us in 2020, and may all be well with you in 2021!



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One thought on “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  1. Tim says:

    Wow! First time ordering toner from Easyink and it was fantastic! Placed my order and it was here the next day……to get rural delivery next day is usually unheard of!
    Thanks team.

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