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So…you know how our main purpose was to help you print stuff?

Turns out, we like to help you write with ink the old-fashioned way too!

Pilot: Erasable pens, pencils, highlighters and markers

We’re quite excited about carrying a range of pens now, including Pilot pens which have a reputation for great quality.

The Pilot company has been making pens for over a century, beginning in Japan in 1918 with fountain pens. They are a global brand, focused on making reliable, comfortable, smooth-writing pens with sustainable ink.

Their big recent innovation are the erasable Frixion pens, which use ink that changes colour at the higher temperatures created by friction. They have a “rubber” on the end just like a pencil. These pens write well, come in many colours and are refillable. If you need the erased writing back, you can even pop in it the freezer to bring back the colour you’ve erased!

I enjoy using the Frixion pens for tracing sewing patterns because they write fairly well on the imitation greaseproof paper I use, where regular ballpoint pens often struggle. If I make a mistake, I can easily erase instead of ending up with a scribbled-out mess to confuse me when cutting out.

The Frixion pens are also just nice pens to use, they feel comfortable to hold and work reliably. I also often use them to temporarily mark printed fabric on the white wrong side, knowing that when ironing the finished seam or darts the colour will disappear. Sewing aside, they’re also great for office use. Not for legal documents or exams though! I grab them for making To-Do lists all the time.

Pilot didn’t stop with erasable pens, though, they also made erasable Frixion highlighters so you can erase highlighting mistakes. When I was a student these would have been VERY handy. I remember a number of times wishing I could un-highlight something. Speaking of erasable things to write with, Pilot also have a neat range of mechanical refillable pencils in a variety of colours. They also make whiteboard markers too, and they’re refillable!

Pilot: Permanent pens and paint markers

Pilot also make non-erasable pens, of course! We supply a range of ballpoint capped and clicker Pilot pens with various types of grip, that use ink, liquid ink, or gel. There is quite a variety, so have a browse through our Pilot page when you have a spare minute or two! We have a fine drawing range of ink pens too, including some calligraphy and signature specialty pens.

Creative customers will enjoy the Pilot paint markers. We supply two types: Pintor markers in various tip sizes and colours, and Super Colour paint markers in a range of tip sizes and gold, silver, and white. These work on most surfaces and can be used to decorate all sorts of objects.

I have experimented with Pintor markers on fabric to make labels to sew into garments I make for our kids, with good results so far. I even tried to touch up a cheap enamel pendant that was looking a bit worse for wear – it did end up looking quite a bit better! More information about using the Pintor markers can be found on Pilot websites including their leaflet about compatibility with different materials and how to fix the ink. I’ve barely begun using these amazing pens to their potential!

Pilot: Fountain pens

Now, another pen I love from Pilot – the fountain pens. These range from entry-level budget-friendly to premium in price and function, though all are decent quality. The entry-level fountain pens are the MR3 range of bright and cheerful yet stylish pens, and a more classic set of styles, the MR1 range. Premium fountain pens include the Prera translucent barrel pens and the Capless Splash and Black and Falcon pens.

Fountain pens can be refilled with ink using converters or disposable ink cartridge refills. The cartridges are convenient, but if you’re wanting fun and environmentally friendly, there are Pilot ink bottles in many colours (as well as Herbin). There’s basic black, blue, and blue-black Pilot ink, or the beautiful Pilot Iroshisuku range of inks of many nature-inspired colours. Looking at all those jars of Iroshisuku ink, I find myself wondering what sort of justification I would need to buy a few different colours….should I take up calligraphy? Handwrite some Christmas letters? 

I own the Violet version of the MR3 fountain pens and have it in my bag as my everyday pen. It hasn’t leaked or blocked up, and I enjoy writing with it. I find I have to concentrate on writing a bit more than with a regular old pen, but in return I get more of an experience! I found it fairly easy to refill, and now I’m writing happily in a different colour.

Pilot: Premium pens and Begreen range

Premium non-fountain pens include the Evolt 2+1 refillable ballpoint executive pens. The MR1 and MR3 range have identical ballpoint versions of the fountain pens that are stylish yet still somewhat budget-friendly. Pilot have also created a range of pens of various types that are made of at least 70% recycled plastic: the Begreen range. The pens selected for the Begreen range have traditionally been some of the leading models, to continue to meet Pilot’s quality, technology and design requirements.

Other brands

We do supply brands of pen and pencil other than Pilot. As well as the pencils, erasers and sharpeners from Icon, we supply Icon ballpoint pens, permanent markers, whiteboard markers, highlighters. And…for traditional basic pencils (you know, those old school ones that need sharpening)… we now supply a small range of KW-triO products – these are mostly staplers but there are some rather fancy pencil sharpeners too!

So there you go! Easyink – keeping you writing and drawing in old school non-electronic ways too! Try a fountain pen for a more mindful and long-lived writing experience! Or get creative with some paint markers! Enjoy.


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