New stationery from Office Supply Co, GBP Stationery and Italplast

I’ve been busy adding new stationery brands to our product collection. Most of these are live in our online shop now – it took a while to get them all done as there are so many!

There are folders, document wallets, filing racks, binders, dividers, cardholders, journals, notebooks….and more.

One of the new brands is Italplast, who (in their words) are “wholesalers and manufacturers of desk accessories and assorted stationery”.

Another new brand is Office Supply Co and GBP Stationery. These are made in China and very affordable. 

Elegant, affordable Address Books, Business Card Holders, and Journals.

The most recent collection of “Office Supply Co” products I’m working on are address books. These are stylish, classic, and well-priced. There is even a Memorium Book and a guest book.

The OSC Citta Address Books match the OSC Citta journals and business card holders’ look in silver or black. They are also available in vintage brown.

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