Great Value School and Office Basics from Icon

We’ve recently added some Icon products to our range that you may find helpful when planning your purchase of school and office supplies for 2021.

Our incredible value pencils, erasers, and sharpeners.

We (Anna and Brent) have school-age children so we’ve become aware lately of the “disappearing ability” of those quite essential little items like pencils, sharpeners, and erasers.

We observed while adding these products that we had the solution to classroom pencil/eraser/sharpener supply issues in this new affordable range! We thought you should know about them, especially with stationery lists coming out at this time of the year.

These pencils, sharpeners and erasers really do seem excellent value – they’re supplied in packs of 12 to 144 so handy if you’re purchasing for a large office, family or class. Or team up with some of your fellow parents to share a pack!

Our recently added Icon brand pencils, eraser and sharpeners pricing and pack sizes:

  • 20 pack erasers – $7.67 (all GST incl)
  • 144 pack HB pencils – $43.63
  • 12 pack metal 2 hole sharpeners – $10.83
  • 24 pack metal 1 hole sharpener – $13.08
  • 24 pack plastic 1 hole sharpeners – $7.49

Our Icon products also include zipped mesh bags, some in pencil case size, if you need something to put them in!

We also supply handy things like the Pilot Laundry-Tec markers (medium black only) which are awesome for labelling school uniforms and kindy clothes or any other fabric items you need to be able to identify.

I can attest to the fact that these stand up to a school year’s worth of wearing and washing!

Also, printable labelling products and Brother label printers – we love them for lunchboxes and drink bottles.

Browse our site and check out our Pilot pen range and 3M stationery too! For post-primary education, did you know we also supply a range of calculators?

Include as many of these items as you like for the same shipping price. So when you’re ordering printer cartridges, throw in some essential school or office stationery needs at incredibly low cost!

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