Where To Buy A Printer And Where Not To

If you’re wondering where to buy a printer, your first thought might be an Office Superstore (or big box retailer). Let’s face it… they are easy to find and are able to offer a variety of other products in addition to printers.

Pretty much everything you need for your home or office can be found there… all in the one place. However, in reality… this abundance of choice is actually their downfall.

Think of it like the difference between a jack-of-all-trades and a specialist who only focuses on one thing. The jack-of-all-trades knows a little bit about a lot of things, but is a master of none.

Or to use another analogy, it’s like comparing a brain surgeon to a general practitioner. One is an expert on something, and the other is a generic solution for everybody.

You see where I’m going with this?

Where To Buy A Printer… Are Big Stores The Answer?

When it comes to considering where to buy a printer (and/or cartridges) the same principle applies. There are plenty of reasons why it’s smarter to stick to reputable online printer and cartridge suppliers, including:

  • The staff of big box retailers and large stationery stores typically have very little knowledge about printers and cartridges. They sell books, stationery, furniture, home appliances, toys… and many other things besides printers. There’s a huge difference in experience and expertise between them and the companies who specialise in printers. This lack of expertise can cost you a lot of frustration when your printer doesn’t do what you need it to do.
  • Office superstores and big box retailers often seem to promote printer models that are expensive to run. They make a margin on every sale and are happy to sell them to anybody who sets foot in the store.  Every day we deal with people who’ve bought these inefficient printers which cost a lot of money in long term running costs.
  • The generalist stores don’t stock a lot of printer models. So you only get to choose from their limited range. They’re keen to sell you what they have on the floor, rather than what best fits your particular needs.
  • If you buy a printer from an Office Superstore and then have problems with it, good luck with getting any helpful advice from where you bought it. In most cases they won’t be able to help you, even if they’d like to. It can be a very frustrating experience.

And a word about cartridges…

  • Office superstores and stationery stores sometimes offer attractive discounts on cartridges e.g. buy one and get the second one half price. Don’t be a sucker for these though. You’ll probably end up paying double the price for cartridges (or more), compared to buying compatible cartridges from a reputable online printer cartridge supplier.
  • Buying cartridges from an Office Superstore also poses the risk of ending up with an incorrect cartridge. This is due to the poor product knowledge of the staff. It can be a frustrating experience getting home and popping in your new cartridge… only to find it’s not the right cartridge for the printer. This frustration only gets worse when you realise the cartridge can’t be returned due to damaged packaging.

The Smart Solution For Where To Buy A Printer

So as you can see it’s a good idea to purchase from a company that specialises in printers and cartridges… like Easyink.

Easyink is a Kiwi family owned and operated printer cartridge specialist established in 1990. With experienced printer technicians on our team, we understand printers and cartridges, and what our customers want from them.

Easyink can walk you through the annoying printer issues that everyone has sooner or later. We try hard to prevent problems, but if something goes wrong please tell us ASAP. We’re here to help and we’re fanatical about customer support. We’d rather lose on a transaction than have an unhappy customer!

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If you need cartridges, click here to search for the right cartridge to suit your printer (including compatibles).  

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