What Are Compatible Printer Cartridges?

One of the best ways to reduce your printing costs is to start using compatible printer cartridges.

These are toner and ink cartridges that are not sourced from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Compatible printer cartridges are also sometimes referred to as “generic” or “aftermarket” cartridges.

These days you can pay more for a set of printer cartridges… than for the actual printer you’ve purchased. So the more cost-effective compatible cartridges are an obvious alternative.

Printer manufacturers sell printers cheaply and make their profits from the ongoing supply of replacement cartridges. This makes their cartridges more expensive.

The bottom line is that compatible printer cartridges are a viable option if you’re keen to reduce the cost per copy of your printing. However, purchasing compatibles does raise a few questions.

So with that in mind, let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions about compatible printer cartridges…

Will Using Compatible Printer Cartridges Void My Warranty?

As long as the cartridges have not caused the problem… no. The New Zealand Commerce Act 1986 and the Fair Trading Act 1986 state that its illegal for a manufacturer to require the consumer to use a particular brand of supply. Therefore, the brand of ink cartridges, ink or paper you use is completely your decision.

If the warranty is declined due to the use of compatible cartridges we’ll repair the printer or if necessary replace it with an equivalent printer up to the value of $1000+GST.

Sometimes the manufacturer will offer an extended warranty if you agree to use only genuine cartridges. It’s a great offer except the savings you make using compatible cartridges typically makes the warranty very expensive. Depending on the printer and your usage rate, you could potentially buy a new printer or two with the extra money you pay for the genuine cartridges!

So it’s a good idea to do the calculations, and at Easyink we can help you with that.

Will Compatible Printer Cartridges Damage My Printer?

Not all compatible cartridges are equal. The quality of compatibles ranges from rubbish, right up to a quality that’s comparable with genuine cartridges. So you’ll want to buy compatibles from a knowledgeable company you can trust. Otherwise it’s quite possible your printer could be damaged by poor quality ink or toner cartridges.

At Easyink, here’s our guarantee:

If the printer is damaged by the use of “compatible” cartridges supplied by us we will repair the printer or if necessary replace it with an equivalent printer up to the value of $1000+GST.

Is The Print Quality of Compatible Printer Cartridges As Good As Original Cartridges?

You’ll find that compatibles will work better with some brands and models than with others. So you’ll want to check that compatibles are a good option for the next printer you buy. Obviously, high grade ink or toner will produce much better results than low grade ink or toner.

But the key is finding the best possible compatible printer cartridges for your printer. And to get accurate information you’ll want to see a printer professional.

A word about photo printing… you’ll find slight differences in colour between compatible and genuine cartridges. It doesn’t mean compatibles are inferior – just slightly different. For most users those slight differences won’t matter.

Some manufacturers of genuine ink cartridges guarantee against fade for those who want to store photos for a very long time. Manufacturers of compatibles generally don’t guarantee against long term fade. However, in most cases it’s probably better to have such photos digitally printed in a photo booth.

What Is The Shelf Life Of Compatible Printer Cartridges?

The shelf life of compatible cartridges is no different to genuine cartridges. Generally they’ll be fine for a few years. Sometimes toner can settle and stiffen in laser cartridges but generally a gentle shake will loosen it up again. Good ink will last many years.

Some of our competitors (in particular telemarketing companies) coerce people into buying silly quantities. We don’t believe that’s in your best interests (we’re come across a few horror stories of overstocking).

At Easyink we encourage our customers to buy no more than they would expect to use in around six months for a couple of reasons:

  1. We offer a money back guarantee on compatible cartridges for 12 months from purchase date. We want to provide great support and it becomes difficult for us to claim from our suppliers more than 12 months after the sale.
  2.  When your printer dies we’ll issue a store credit for compatible cartridges you return to us in a resalable condition.

How To Get The Best Quality Compatible Printer Cartridges For Your Printer

Compatible printer cartridges are an excellent cost saving. But the point is… it’s crucial you buy them from a reputable printer and cartridge specialist.

At Easyink, our compatible printer cartridges are manufactured in world-class ISO certified manufacturing plants. We guarantee a similar print quality and cartridge lifespan from our range of compatibles, that you would get with genuine OEM original cartridges.

Compatible printer cartridges we supply are not necessarily the cheapest on the market. But the exceptional quality makes them great value for your money.

So why not make the switch today?

To quickly and easily find the ideal compatible printer cartridge for your printer, click here and type in your printer model in the search box. Or if you’d like to speak with our experienced technicians, call us on 0800 893 797.

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