Scotch C60 Tape Dispenser

Figure 1: Scotch C60 Tape Dispenser with weighted base (tape purchased separately).

We have a Scotch tape dispenser living in our dining/kitchen area, pictured in Figure 1* – an earlier silver version of the Scotch C60 Tape Dispenser (seems to have a slightly different shape – the black Scotch C60-BK version is more like ours).

I like it so much I thought I needed to write a blog post about it. We have some of those little plastic dispensers with tape that you can buy which I often give the kids for their art and craft, but for myself, I always reach for this Scotch weighted dispenser. Honestly, the kids prefer it too….

One-handed tape dispensing is much nicer than two-handed juggling of bendy plastic contraptions! A grippy surface on the bottom stops it sliding off the table as you pull on the tape, and the cutting blade works well.

This dispenser is really easy to re-fill – the mechanism that holds the roll of tape just flips up for the tape roll to slide on, then falls back in. Tapes up to 19 mm fit, so all your common household widths.

Do yourself a favour….buy one of these for around $10 (plus shipping) and enjoy easy, convenient taping without lots of waste, broken plastic and fiddly frustration!

Add one to your order of ink or toner cartridges and you won’t even pay extra shipping….win!

I should probably mention that we have other dispensers – the C60 is just what I have personally tried.

We also have the Scotch Tape Dispenser C18-B Black and also the Scotch Tape Dispenser C18 in Sea Green (note none of these come with tape), the Icon Tape Dispenser for 33 metre rolls and an Icon Tape Dispenser for 66 metre rolls. These are all weighted and non-slip, and under $10.

…it doesn’t usually live on the floor, I just needed decent light and background for a photo!

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