Rhodia Clic Bloc Mouse Pad

My recently retired accounting technician mother put a Rhodia Clic Bloc Mouse Pad on my desk and told me to try it.

Figure 1: Rhodia Clic Bloc mouse pad in use.

I didn’t remember that we sold them, even though I was adding Rhodia Bloc pads to our webshop at the time!

After eyeing it up and thinking about how useful the little squares might be for note-taking, I decided to tell our blog readers about them.

All the Rhodia “bloc” products have a grid printed on them – blocks!

My mother apparently loves them, and bought a whole pile for herself and her colleagues. I can see them being handy for taking notes, particularly for anything involving numbers or graphs, such as finance, maths, science, and engineering, where the grid might be quite useful.

The pads are made to tear off from the top right corner and are well glued on the other side so I never catch the edge of any loose paper (I use the mouse with my right hand).

Mum likes to keep one in her laptop bag – they’re nice and slim and sturdy. They keep a low profile on the desk too – I don’t notice I’m using it. It doesn’t bother my wrist like some mouse pads have in the past.

So, if you’re after a mouse pad and like to write notes as you work, why not try a Rhodia Clic Bloc Mouse Pad ?

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