Figure 1: Some of the scissors that Easyink supplies that I have used at home.

Every home and office needs a good pair of scissors, and we have a few different pairs of scissors amongst our stationery. While you’re ordering your ink and toner, or paper, or ink bottles, check them out!

We have ended up with a few different ones to test…and we use them all the time (Figure 1).

First up, the budget basic option – Icon Scissor 8 Inch Orange Handle (Fig. 1: centre). Icon also have Premium General Purpose 8 inch scissors and Softgrip scissors in 7.5 inch and 8.5 inch sizes but of these, I have only tried the Icon orange handled ones.  They work well on paper, and are fine to hold – at $3 a pair they’re very affordable. My only complaint is that when you’re in a hurry to cut off a strip of Elastoplast because your child is bleeding, it becomes obvious pretty quick that they are mostly PAPER scissors.

The aqua coloured scissors by Scotch (Fig 1: right) seem to work well as general purpose scissors – they do a fine job of emergency plaster cutting, and also cut paper nicely. Very nice to hold, too! We don’t supply this exact pair any more, but these Scotch Multipurpose Scissors 1428 (8 inch) are very similar and cost around $4.50. They’re my favourites, for everything.

There are also Scotch Home and Office Scissors 1408 (8 inches) and a selection of Scotch Precision Scissors.

Wondering about the kids with their little hands? Scotch have that sorted. We do sell some basic 5 inch red handled Icon kids scissors which look very similar to some little red handled scissors that our kids have inherited from me and are still going strong, but also Scotch make these Scotch Kids Softgrip Scissors 1442B (Fig. 1: left). They’re around $3 instead under $2, with the same size blades, but have nicer soft grip handles.

Next time you’re shopping with us, why not make the most of your shipping fee and stock up on scissors for the home or office?



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