New fountain ink cartridges and dip pens

Figure 1 Pack of 6 Pilot Iroshizuku ink cartridges in deep cerulean blue (kon-peki).

We have been at work adding some cool new Pilot and other pen ink products to our site.

First – Pilot’s classy Japanese nature-inspired Iroshizuku ink in fountain pen cartridges (Figure 1).

Beautiful ink to refill your pen with, in an easy and non-messy way!*

We already sold Pilot fountain ink cartridges in basic colours (blue and black), but these new ones are offer great (and easy) variety!

Figure 2 Photo of the nib end of Pilot MR fountain pen beside both used and new Pilot black fountain ink cartridges.

Last time I refilled my Pilot fountain pen, I grabbed a photo of the empty ink cartridge beside a new one, to show what they look like (Figure 2). These ones are just the plain Pilot black ink, not the exciting colours, sadly! Next time I buy refills I will try the gorgeous cerulean blue in Figure 1!

Second – Pilot’s fun dip pens, with fun budget-friendly plastic or elegant wooden handles (Figure 3).

Figure 3 Pilot Iro-utsushi Dip Pen with natural wooden barrel, available in fine and medium fountain-type nib.

These have fountain nibs like those on their fountain pens, good for general writing, but are designed to be used as dip pens.

Dip them into writing ink, and rinse with water to clean afterwards, dry with a cloth.

These would be great for writing with multiple coloured inks…use one pen and quickly switch between inks without worrying about contamination. Useful for art, testing different ink colours…or just to discover the joy of writing closer to how our grandparents (or great grandparents!) used to.


*Note about ink cartridges and fountain pen compatibility – Pilot pens must be refilled with Pilot ink cartridges only. We also have Herbin ink cartridges which are a standard size and fit many fountain pens, but do not fit Pilot fountain pens (outlined in our product descriptions). I may have verified this while trying to refill my Pilot fountain pen….(imagine embarrassed emoticon here). The good news is that we have some Herbin fountain and rollerball pens that do take these cartridges, and I plan to test them out soon!



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