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Following on from our post on labelling machines – Making labels for things with Easyink products – in which we focused more on the Brother printers….Dymo!

Dymo has a broader range of label types available and is proving very popular with our customers. There are compatible versions available for a number of Dymo labels which can be more budget-friendly. For example, compare the Dymo Letratag 91332 genuine and compatible tape prices – this compatible tape is approximately half the price of genuine.

Dymo label printers fit into 5 main categories:

  1. Embossing machines and tapes – the original Dymo labeller – are hand-operated and child-friendly (additionally, there is a Rhino industrial metal embosser).
  2. Letratag – budget-friendly 100H printer with predominantly laminated but also some paper and fabric tapes.
  3. Dymo LabelManager printers use laminated D1 series tapes, typically used for labelling items e.g. kitchen containers.
  4. Dymo LabelWriter printers use thermal paper typically used for more temporary applications e.g. courier labels.
  5. Rhino industrial printers and laminated labels (and metal embosser)
  6. XTL Printers and labels – industrial applications with nylon/polyester/heat shrink labels (we don’t currently supply these)

1. Embossing labels 

This child-friendly, simple and elegant Dymo SD12965 Embosser Organizer Xpress Label Maker would be a great, budget-friendly and easy-to-use option for basic labels for scrapbooking, organising the craft cupboard etc. The label tape range is more limited than for the D1 tapes, however.

In addition to the budget-friendly, child-friendly embossing machines, there is also the Rhino M1011 Industrial Metal Embosser and Dymo 31000 Aluminium Non-Adhesive tape (see Rhino category below).

2. Letratag

We supply a small range of Letratag machines and labels. These are budget-friendly mostly laminated plastic tapes, with some fabric and paper also (although we only have one fabric iron-on tape in stock and no paper labels of this type).

Most of our Dymo products fall into categories 3 and 4, the LabelManager and LabelWriter products.

3. Laminated tapes for LabelManager printers

Laminated D1 tapes come in a variety of colours for various applications. Some are fairly generic and great for many labelling uses (D1), while others are made especially strong for industrial use (“Durable D1” range).

The Durable range of D1 tapes are designed for tougher conditions, with industrial-strength adhesive and water and UV resistance. They come in 4 colours (black on white, white on black, white on red, and black on orange).

4. Paper tapes for LabelWriter printers

Available in a variety of colours and sizes, Dymo LabelWriter labels use a direct thermal printing process so you never have to bother with messy, expensive ink or toner. And because they are packaged in rolls, you can print one label or hundreds with ease – no sheet label jams, no layout hassle and no waste.

5. Industrial: Rhino; and 6. Industrial:XTL

We supply a few Rhino tapes (nylon, vinyl, heat-shrink) and none of the XTL range currently (as on February 2023).

As mentioned above, the Dymo 31000 Aluminium Non-Adhesive tape is for use in the Rhino M1011 Industrial Metal Embosser.

Looking to purchase a label printer? Confused about which tapes to buy? Deciding between Brother and Dymo? Give us a call!

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