Cleaning Products

Cleaning products for your home, office and all your machines from Easyink!

Figure 1: Bright and cheerful antibacterial sponges from Scotch-Brite (product ID 10226).


If you do a “cleaning” search through our products you’ll find we have quite a few solutions for cleaning all your things.

From kitchen and office benches to cleaning your printer, fountain pen or wax gun, we just might have you covered.

Add a few useful things to your next printer order!

General and kitchen cleaning


First, kitchen and other general cleaning (see Figure 1). Have a look through our 3M range of cleaning products. ScotchBrite, carper cleaner, lint roller, heavy duty cleaning pads….and more, from a well-recognised quality brand.

Need gloves to protect your hands while you clean? We have these nitrile gloves.

Office and air cleaning

Figure 2: Fellowes Aeramax PRO AM3S Air Purifier with stand (product ID F9574001).


For cleaning the office or classroom whiteboard, this Post-It dry erase microfibre whiteboard cloth will take care of it. Find it in our 3M Presentation category.

Fellowes provides screen cleaning wipes and surface cleaning wipes for the office – find these in our Fellowes Cleaning category.

Beyond surfaces, how clean is the air in your office or workshop? Check out our Fellowes air purifiers (see Figure 2 for one example) and 3M respirators in our 3M Health and Safety category.

Cleaning your machines


Got your Fellowes laminator a bit gummed up? Try our Fellowes laminator cleaning and carrier sheets.

We have some printer cleaning and maintenance items too, such as theĀ Brother cleaning roll CK-1000 for cleaning the Brother VC500W Colour Label printer, and theĀ Dymo Print Head Cleaning Kit for cleaning the LabelWriter label printers by Dymo.

Keep your fountain pens and wax guns clean

Figure 3: Herbin Cleaning Solution for Fountain Pen 50ml (Product ID: C12300T).


Try the Herbin cleaning solution for fountain pens to clean your fountain pens (Figure 3), and the Herbin wax gun cleaning sticks to clean your wax gun.

Then, handwrite and seal some awesome, unique “old-school” letters to send with snail mail.



Got a question about these products? Give Chris a call using the contact details on our site.

If we don’t know the answer off the top of our head, we will do our utmost to find out for you!

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