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Just a quick post today about our new website.

There are quite a few improvements in the new site, including improved security, and some differences in the way products are displayed.

We were working hard on a megamenu this year, hoping to make the new site easier to navigate.

Our range has expanded quite a bit from the original printers and cartridges to include a lot of stationery and other office necessities. These can be tricky to organize into the pre-existing menu structure, which was focused mainly on printer/consumable brand.

We had all sorts of visions of a very fancy megamenu showing our full product range at a glance. We dreamed big. However, we ran into a few challenges and changed direction!

We decided to keep the old menu, and just made a few changes. The menu now looks very similar to the old site – you may not have even noticed any difference. If you liked it how it was, we hope so!

We tried to make it easier to navigate our full range of products while keeping the same basic structure of organizing by brand, but also highlighting purpose/function where appropriate.

You’ll see on the top line of the menu we have printers, labelling, and brands of paper and ink/toner supplies.

On the bottom line we have stationery and workspace products – stationery by brand OR purpose/use/function.

As before, our trusty search option is available – feel free to totally side-step the menu and use the search.

It works really well if you keep the search query short. For products pertaining to a printer, just enter the printer model alone e.g. HLL3210CW.

Long story short – we welcome feedback – if you’re finding the new menu tricky or annoying, please let us know.

Having trouble finding something – give us a call!




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