Printer Cartridges… Things You Need To Know

Printer cartridges… to get the right cartridge and the best value for money.

At Easyink, printers and cartridges are our specialty so we’re dealing with them every day. So much so that we’re pretty good at recommending the right printers and supplying the right printer cartridges. We wrap it all in awesome service and support for our customers.

Here’s some things to know about printer cartridges to help you get the best from your printers….

Get The Right Printer Cartridges For Your Printer Model

You’ll want a supplier who guarantees the cartridges they sell you are correct for your printer model. With thousands of cartridges on the market it’s easy to select the wrong ones. That can be frustrating and costly!

printer consumablesThis is where it’s important to buy from a printer specialist, and not a large retail outlet that sells a wide variety of household items. You can’t expect to get the same quality of advice from a company that doesn’t specialise in printers. A jack-of-all-trades likely knows very little about printers, so it’s always a risk to buy from them. 

Plus, it’s especially frustrating when you can’t return them for the correct ones. If you’ve opened the packaging and made it resalable, you’re unlikely to get a refund. Save yourself the trouble by buying from a specialist printer outlet that guarantees you have the right cartridges for your printer model.  

When You Buy Printer Cartridges, Check The Other Consumables

Are there other consumables for your laser printer that will need replacing soon e.g. drum unit, waste container, fuser assembly? 

It’s disappointing when you’ve spent hundreds to replace your toner only to find a few weeks later that you also need drums, transfer belt, waste container or fuser assembly.

You should be able to get a supplies status report from your printer. It will give you an estimate of how many pages are left before expensive replacements are required. You might find the cost of maintaining your old printer exceeds the cost of replacing it with newer technology.

Do You Need Printer Cartridges – Or A New Printer?

Think outside the box – would a new printer be a more economical option than buying consumables for your existing printer? Often people spend more on a set of consumables than the printer is worth.

A replacement for the printer you bought several years ago might only cost a third of the price you paid. New Printer PLUS Printer Cartridges MINUS Cashback could quite possibly equal the price for a set of cartridges for your old printer. Click here to here to see current printer cashback offers.

The point being, buying the right type of new printer could end up saving you a lot of money in the long term. Plus, you’ll get to benefit from the updated features that are constantly improving over time. This is especially true if your current printer is old, and the printer cartridges it needs are expensive. 

Choosing Genuine Or Compatible Printer Cartridges

Compatible printer cartridges are generally available for the more popular printer models. They cost less than genuine cartridges, but you need to buy from a reputable supplier to be sure you’re getting reliable cartridges and proper after sales support.

Plus, some printers are better suited to compatibles than others. A printer specialist can advise on the best option for your particular situation.

Printer manufacturers try to tell you that you’ll void their printer warranty by using non-genuine cartridges. But this is incorrect unless the cartridges have caused the problem.

Under New Zealand law its illegal for a manufacturer to require the consumer to use a particular brand of supply. Therefore, the brand of ink cartridges, ink or paper you use is completely your decision.

Sometimes an extended warranty is offered when you use genuine printer cartridges. However…..generally the savings from using compatible cartridges far exceed the value of the warranty. Besides, if your compatible cartridges are supplied by Easyink you only have to give us a call if anything goes wrong. We’ll get on to it right away and we’ll fix any damage to the printer. We’ll even replace the printer if necessary with an equivalent printer up to the value of $1000 +GST.

Buying Printer Cartridges From The Right Place

With this in mind you’ll want to buy from a printer specialist who:

  • specialises in printers and has been in business for a long time
  • can help you get the right cartridges quickly
  • can advise on new printer options and…
  • supports you with after sales service for any issues that crop up

Easyink ticks all of the boxes above. With experienced printer technicians on our team, we understand printers and printer cartridges… and what our customers want from them. As your printer people we’ll be here to help you through the annoying printer issues that everyone has sooner or later. 

Simply click here and type your printer model in the search box to find the right cartridge for your printer quickly. And be sure to contact us with any queries around choosing your next printer. We’ll help you make the right choice for your particular needs.

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