Health and Safety

Did you know we now offer a variety of products to help keep you safe and comfortable at work?

Perhaps these products are not your first thought for a company that is based around keeping your printers going, so we’d like to tell you about them. 

Some of these products are ergonomic, such as office furniture, while others are helpful everyday safety or health items.

Starting with the small size items, there are Duracell batteries, including hearing aid batteries in a range of sizes.

In our 3M Health and Safety category, we have a small selection of earplugs and Nexcare wound dressing products. 

There’s also a small range of disposable face masks and respirators. We have respirators and filters from 3M, and generic blue disposable face masks and disposable FFP2 respirators

For information on mask/respirator types, here’s a helpful document from 3M: Comparison of FFP2, KN95, and N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirator Classes.

Moving into office workspace products, there are wrist rests of different types from both 3M and Fellowes. Some wrist rests and gel pads are built into mousepads, while others are stand-alone items that provide keyboard palm support. For something a little different there’s Fellowes I-Spire Wrist Rocker Mouse Pad and Fellowes I-Spire Keyboard Wrist Rocker.

For preventing eyestrain, there are Fellowes and 3M privacy screen filters in a range of sizes for monitors and laptops.

For keeping your whole body physically comfortable at work, there are monitor and laptop stands and risers, document holders and an adjustable footrest from 3M. There’s also a very large range of backrests, copyholders, footrests, monitor arms, monitor risers, sit-stand workstations, desks, and mats in the Fellowes category.

Both 3M and Fellowes are innovative companies with interesting and long histories and we really enjoy bringing you their quality products – we think they’re pretty special!

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